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Hood struts failing again

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  • Hood struts failing again

    Well I suppose for a 36+ year old car this isn't crazy to do a second time, I remember my mechanic having to wrestle with them the last time I did this that was probably 15 years ago. Any ideas on which ones fit the best. There are several ones on Amazon that are priced from $36 to $99 a pair. Any suggestions on easy install ones? I think it is because of the cold weather we're having and garage is in the high 40's right now

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    Strongarm PN 4603 is what i used in my 84T a couple years ago. They are the oem style. The hood end is studded into a bracket, so that stud will need to be drilled out to accept the new strut.
    I drilled mine out and then tack welded the stud back in place when the new strut was attached. The ones in my 84T have been great, the same ones in my 88T only lasted a few years before they
    started failing in cold weather.


    You can follow this method:

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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      thanks found those on Amazon cheap!