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  • FPR cleanup

    I just had my injectors cleaned and flow tested so I figured while I was waiting for them to be done I decided to clean up the FPR a little. Initially I was just going to give it a light sand ready for some matt black paint, but the more I took off the nicer it came up...

    Here's the results:



    It looks almost brand new! I'm not sure what kind of metal it is, is it stainless or tin? I'm really liking it just bare metal like that, if it's not stainless do you think a coat of clear would protect it enough so the surface doesn't get rusty over time?

    Also while I was doing it, I noticed a plastic ring bit surrounding the wire connector. It was very brittle and the damn thing just fell off in 2 big pieces and a dozen tiny ones...

    I then went to look at my NA's FPR and the same thing has happend to that at some stage lol So I'm guessing this is a common thing and isn't all that important?

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    isn't it just a insulator sleeve? Since your wire is soldered on, i imagine it would work just fine. (I had to solder mine as well)

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      fts makes no difference to the running of the car


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        It has an enrichment coefficient setting in the binary, so it does make a difference. If it's worthwhile or even measurable? Never needed to or took the time to figure it out.


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          Well it will work, I just wanted to know if that plastic bit was vital and also what is the FPR itself made out of? It looks like tin I think...
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            Um... pretty sure it's steel with a coating similar to gold iridite... or the like.

            Depends how the coating holds up to heat. Maybe a poly spray? Why not just paint it metallic silver?


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              Yeah I did consider that and I do have a nice silver paint here that would work, however it looks really nice like this in person... I did a bit more on it today with some finer grain sandpaper and check it out.

              It looks sweet, you can even see the jecs logo on it now! lol I decided that i'm gonna leave it like this, just need to find a suitable clear coat paint to use. I'll have a look around for that poly spray you mentioned...


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                Pretty sure that the signal goes to a box under the battery tray for "hot" starts. Which gives it a little extra fuel for the start. I think....

                Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                  get some silicon lube spray and give it a coat of that..... after it dries it will still resist getting corroded and dirty, but you'll still see the shine


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                    I'll have a look around for that stuff today, had no luck at the couple of automotive part stores I tried so I'm gonna check out the hardware stores.

                    I did however find some stuff I have already but I'm not sure if it will work good. It's an acrylic clear coat that's suitable for usage on bare metal without a primer. Do you think that would work just as good?


                    VHT Quick Coat Enamel is a premium quality coating which provides extra hide and durability for interior or exterior applications. This tough and durable coating prevents rust and corrosion on properly prepared surfaces, is fast drying, lead free and ozone safe. VHT Quick-Coat Enamel provides a rich weather resistant gloss finish to wood, metal, sealed plaster and masonry surfaces.

                    I'm not sure how much heat it's good for though, but the FPR doesn't get all that hot. What do you think about using an acrylic base clear?


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                      should look ok, though i am not sure how long it lasts as compared to say, an enamel. as you said, heat really shouldnt be an issue. I painted mine with a simple low temp engine paint, but thats only beause thats what i had laying around
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