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  • Interesting interior idea! ... 3&t=682533

    That's Line-X on the plastic interior panels of a 280ZX! It looks a little weird in photos, but I think it would look pretty nice in person.

    Not to mention it could cut down on noise, resist UV rays, strengthen the panel and stand up to any abuse you throw at it.
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    yeah, to change my interior panels to black i used a textured paint...It works wonders.

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      I think stripping down most of the storage area and just rhino lining it would be awesome, I'm thinking about doing it to my trunk


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        I just pulled all my interior panels in the rear so I could finish poly injecting the frame and gaps.

        Sealing it with rhino liner wouldnt be a bad idea. I have a lot of customers that go mudding and do it to there entire truck!!!!!! helps sealing and preventing rust
        You can do that stuff in colors too.
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          i did that to the floor boards in my truck and threw away the carpet, and chiseled out all that tar crap. it was actually quieter inside the truck.

          i also did the lower half of the truck.
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