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    Almost all the Hardware I used on "Project '88t" was boughten in bulk.
    (I bought enough to do 5-6 times what I needed)
    *I have put together a few pakages I thought people might like.... inquiree through e-mail for more info.
    (there's more to come, but it takes time to sort the hardare into kit form, hang in there....I need to finish the car 1st!)

    I am here to help...

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    what are you charging for the exhaust bolts ?

    btw did you include length for the fat donut washer thing that is used on the normal studs (~1/4" thick one) or did you skip that and go with flat+lock washers only?

    length is hard to tell in the pic


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      The exhaust manifold kit is designed to reuse the stock spacers and goes for $14.95
      The other two kits go for $9.95 each.
      I am here to help...


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        I love the valve cover bolts. Looks like Ill be ordering a couple items here soon. 8)
        Just stand back and throw money.
        Performance costs money.
        Reliable performance costs more.


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          Great items. I look forward to buying a kit or two.
          It is not recommended to confirm proper installation by driving into walls or other barriers as this could cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle.


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            I'm definetly up for some of those...I like cheap stuff that looks good
            It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...