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  • greddy turbo timer! ... ategory=55
    I bought a greddy turbo timer with a harness for a z31 and plugged it in, and it works, but there are still a few wires that havent been hooked up!
    now my problem is that i dont read japanese,im having a hard time finding anything online! think the last 3 wires are some sort of safety feature!

    does anyone know how to install this thing or have a manual in english?

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    yes , im sure one is for the e-brake switch , wich turns off your car if e-brake is disengaged and the key is out . i cant remember if my hks turbo timer had more wires , maybe you can look up different brands of turbo timers to get some sort of reference .

    the wiring should be simple , check what happens if you ground them out or put some current thru it, i would first check with a multimeter so you don't fry anything tho..