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Digi to analog dash swap...issues

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  • Digi to analog dash swap...issues

    I am swapping the black analog dash from my totaled 84 into the 85 which is digital. The black dash is originally from an 87 analog. It worked great in the 84.

    Now...I have the dash in but there are all kinds of funky electrical issues. The cruise indicator is always on, most of the controls dont work or dont work properly.

    All I can figure is that the wiring harness on the black dash just isnt compatible with the 85's main body harness. Any thoughts, suggestions??

    I may have to just swap the digital components and harness into the black dash. I dont want to do that but I am stuck on this one and I dont want to hack wires and such.
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    speedo conversion

    I know you will need to change the fuel tank sensor. Im going to swap my speedo soon? I have a 86t Dig I have a 87t dash assy. I might use a 84-85 speedo It has a cable, my 87 doner does not?