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auto/manual-swap...quick question

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  • auto/manual-swap...quick question

    I'm confused on what needs to be done about the pilot bushing, and mounting the flywheel.

    Crankshaft of motor originally manual trans

    Crankshaft of auto

    So if I understand this correctly, I need to remove the marked peice (or drill out with a 13/16th bit) to clear the input shaft of the manual trans (also marked).

    The bushing/bearing next to the clutch fork on the input shaft is the throw out bearing correct? Where is the pilot bushing?

    I guess I'm confused on how things are "supposed" to be...and how I'm gonna get that ring out of the crankshaft.

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    The pilot bushing is the thing in question in the back end of the crankshaft. Remove the big one from the new engine and put a new one for a manual in its place.

    Yes the thing on the clutch fork is your throwout bearing. Replace it....


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      is this the one I need?

      Fiche page 2-J2
      part number 32202-30000 for an 87T manual transmission
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      I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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        or can I re-use the one I have from the other motor?

        I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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          yes, the pos from the second pic needs to be removed. have fun, it`s not easy. see my write up for some ideas...

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          good thing....


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            I managed to get the ring pulled from the auto motor. Had to file down a puller and jam it in there. Was such a tight fit I had to cut the ring off of the puller once it was out.

            I also pulled the pilot bushing but bent it in the process. Hopefully the dealer will have one in stock.

            Need to verify which is the correct one for an 87T 5-speed.
            fiche page 2-J2
            part number 32202-B9500 or part number 32202-30000

            I wrap my paper weights in glitter.