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the compatibility of clutches of other Nissan models thread

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  • the compatibility of clutches of other Nissan models thread

    I've been noticing the slow demise of performance parts available for the Z31. One such part is a good performance clutch. On the other hand, I have noticed the increase of performance clutches for other Nissan models. In particular those that use the same engines and diameter of flywheels as the Z31. For example, the Nissan Maxima, the Nissan Pathfinder, the rare V6 200SX, and some Nissan trucks. So, it would stand to reason that one could have a much larger range of selection for performance clutches by adding these specific models into their searches and maybe finding something that would fit their needs instead of settling for something that is below or above their goals.

    Lets take ACT clutches for example;

    They offer only three clutches for the Z31 using the 240mm flywheel, each only available with the Heavy Duty Pressure Plate.

    Performance Street Disc (holds 400ft/lbs), 4 pad disc (holds 512ft/lbs), and the 6 pad disc (holds 512ft/lbs)


    Now, the same clutches availabe from ACT for the Nissan Maxima

    Offered are three of the same discs with the Heavy Duty Pressure Plate and three of the same discs with the Xtreme Pressure Plate.

    Heavy Duty Xtreme
    Street 362ft/lbs 449ft/lbs
    4 pad 463ft/lbs 576ft/lbs
    6 pad 463ft/lbs 576ft/lbs


    Now, lets compare the highest performers;

    512ft/lbs clutch available for the Z31 with a VG30E or T and a 240mm flywheel
    576ft/lb clutch available for the Nissan Maxima running a VG30E and a 240mm flywheel


    Something just isnt right when there is a stronger clutch available for a 4 door passenger car that never came turbocharged and has a much lower interest in performance modifications than the Z31.
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    ACT said they would make stronger clutches if there were enough z31s making the power to need them. they have a point

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      They usually do a percent increase in clamping load based off the OEM production clamp load. If the one in the maxima was higher, then it would be higher on the aftermarket units.

      What I see there is the Xtreem pressure plate they don't list or "have available" for the Z31... If you want a higher clamp load pressure plate, most clutch shops can build you whatever you can handle. No need to buy the mass-market stuff.