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Clutch Question (hydraulics)

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  • Clutch Question (hydraulics)

    Ive been having trouble with my gearbox grinding up and down shifts in second and first ie first to second, third to second second to first, unless i shift slowly and carefully at slow speed.

    I bled my slave cylinder about a month ago and it improved slighlty. I decided to bleed the rest of the system (master and dampner) and when i took the lid of the resevour it was empty. So i have drained it in a month.

    The push rod on the clutch is slightly wet so i think the master cylinder has gone. Im going to replace the seals in the master and slave (i replaced slave seals about 2years ago but doing it again anyway) What about the dampner? what is inside it. just a small tank to dampen the pedal? I know a lot of people replace these with a straight hose, will that help my cause?

    Also, when i look under the car whilst someone pushes the clutch in the actuater on the bell housing only moves half the length of the hole. Should it go the whole way?

    sorry for long post, but i am busy with exams and cant do without the car, I need to buy the kits, and throw them in without wasting time.

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    i had the same problem with a master a while back.. once the fluid level drained below the reservoir the shifting was terrible.. i got by for a while just adding fluid until i had time to replace it. keep it topped off and i wouldnt be suprized if it got you through finals if you are that pressed for time.. as for the damper, i hadnt replaced mine until recently and i was pretty amazed at the difference it made. my ACT 6 puck was a pain in the ass, once the damper was removed it was much more pleasant to drive. if you keep the damper you have to bleed the clutch from both the damper and the slave cylinder.


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      Wait, you are just gonna throw some new seals in?

      Why not get the remanufactured units?
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      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        If nothing else, replacing the damper with the 280ZX hose makes it so much easier to bleed.
        You do get a better feel for the clutch a well.

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