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Redline MT90 in a T5

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  • Redline MT90 in a T5

    Since the day i initially researched changing the fluid in my tranny, i've read that even though Nissan
    specs gear oil for their T5, you should use ATF or another lightweight oil/synthetic.

    I've complied with this, until last night.

    Went to the parts store yesterday and bought 3qts of MT90 and 2qts of MTL.

    Bled the fluids from my diff and tranny. a few shiny metal flakes in the tranny fluid, and the magnet on the
    diff plug had about 3/16 of metalic goo on it. (dif fluid had +40,000miles on it)

    While it was draining i worked on my pnuematic fluid injection device. "PFID" (it rocks, pics later)

    I injected 2 quarts of MT90 in the tranny. Plugged it up, moved on to the diff.
    Noticed the MTL was red as i put it in the PFID. Shit!, this isn't gear oil, this should have gone
    into the tranny.. (not familiar with redline products, took no notice of the different viscousity/color of the mt90 vs the ATF i drained)
    Debated draining the tranny...
    its 2am already.
    Put the other qt of MT90 and a spare portion of gear lube i had, into the diff.

    drove to work this morning.
    smoother shifting, quieter operation. no problems getting into any gears

    So, why no gear oil in the T5. Will the increased fluid resistance cause it to overheat
    or not get flung up to critical areas?

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo

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    Don't know what to tell you, other than every trans for the z(except the auto of course) gets the 75w90 synthetic treatment with high mileage/bad cases 50% Lucas additive. Not a one has left this shop with anything else when serviced by me. Every transmission has been happy as hell, easier to shift, overheating issues. Bad cases(synchros/metal particles in old fluid) show this to be a successful, long-term band-aid fix. Bad Cases need to have the lube changed more frequently to "flush" the problem away. Colder temps. and this practice, I cannot comment on, as eveyone I have serviced puts thier z up for the winter season.
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      Thanks Dan. i won't sweat it then.

      We'll see what winter holds, as mine hits the highway all 4 seasons.

      84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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        I have a document at home on rebuilding the WC/NWC T5 that states gear oil should not be used because some kind of an issue with one of the bearings getting sufficient lubrication or something like that... I always had better results running thicker motor oils than I did running gear oil (recommended by most mustang guys I talked to), so I just kind of put them together to make the recommendation. At this point I'm thinking there is probably very little difference; if it works fine, leave it!


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          my ae, grinded while downshifting to 2nd or 1st
          fishE`s 88 grinded while shifting to 3rd, everytime, bad
          my 88ss trans would grind into 2nd

          mt90 fixed all three. that stuff is the shit. i`ll have to try the purple stuff now since that`s what my new distributer carries. so i`ll report on how that goes.

          however, the mt90 won`t fix gear whine if you have it real bad, my trans is noisy as hell first thing in the morning.

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