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changing oil seals in the diff..

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  • changing oil seals in the diff..

    Has anyone changed the oil seals in the dif? (axle seals)

    A couple of q's

    How long should i allow to do it? (a day, a weekend?)
    Do i need to take the diff out?
    Are the seals the same in all models?
    Is there any other seal/bearings i should replace at the same time.

    I have an Australian 86T 2+2. Replacing with an LSD is not an option.

    Thanks, im sick of the oil dripping onto my exhaust and smelling nasty.

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    turbo car are easy, 4 bolts from the hub side and slide the axle out. pop out the seal and pop in the new on. they should all be the same. No more than an hour. 14 wrench, 14 socket and ratchet and a flat head to pop out the old seals. cake

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      like autoworkZ said, the left and right are easy... the front one is easy too, but you need some special tools. the driveshaft is just some 14mm nuts and bolts.. but once it is out of the way you need a big ass socket.. around 30mm i think.. it takes some serious power to get that thing loose, and it has to be retourqed properly.. you also need a puller to get the pinion flange off.. good luck


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        A steering wheel puller works good for the pinion flange.


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          its just the front that needs the puller, yes?


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            My half shafts popped out with a crowbar fairly easily.

            The front pinion seal was a PITA for me. I had to drive a screw into it and use the claw of a hammer to pull it out.

            I didn't change the side seals, personally.
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