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What clutch/pressure plate do you run with how many rwhp?

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  • What clutch/pressure plate do you run with how many rwhp?

    I'm in the say the least. For those running 300rwhp or higher, what are you using? Impressions? Regrets?
    2008 BMW E92 335i 6MT

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    Clutch specialties six puck sprung iron disk with 2600psi P plate

    Hold more than I have been able to throw at it so far which is AT LEAST 450whp.

    I think it is the ultimate compromise between street and race. :twisted:

    Grabs very hard but not too much pedal effort. even with sprung hub it tends to be a bit grabby but I got used to it pretty easily and learned to ease it for normal driving. I love it but gotta ditch it to go with one that will hold more now. :evil:
    85 Z31 6.0 LSX turbo 766whp/792wtq
    04 GTO, LS6, big cam, porting, N20... underway for summertime daily driver.


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      dxd clutches sound pretty decent .


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          the dxd "southbend" seems like a good combo. If there site is true, where a full faced disc can hold nearly 600tq at a streetable engaugement, I may be in.
          2008 BMW E92 335i 6MT


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            Read Jason's opinion about the clutch:


            I just drove the car for the first time with the new engine and clutch.

            This clutch is simply awesome. The pedal effort is almost as soft as stock, and it engages very smoothly. Also I have far less gear noise from the transmissions at lower RPM's on account of the sprung hub. I thought I liked the ACT 6 puck, but I am NEVER going back after experiencing this thing.

            I'll post more updates after it's broken in and I can really beat on it.
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              That link just about wraps up. SBC seems like a great median between street & strip plus they have good customer service. Viola. Ty for the aid guys.
              2008 BMW E92 335i 6MT


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                Southbend clutches are bad ass. My buddy runs a dxd with full face feramic on one side and organic on the other. He put out 412rwhp with it and his clutch disc is only like engages like stock and pedal effort is like stock.