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Clutch master cylinder slave cylinder q's

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  • Clutch master cylinder slave cylinder q's

    To cover all aspects of failure, I'll be replacing the cmc and slave cylinder during my clutch/pp install. Anything else I should cover (ie seals, other misc little bs)?
    2008 BMW E92 335i 6MT

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    When you do buy, look here: Good price and the products appear to be new (tockico), not re-maned. ... T1Z80LN5VP


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      Have you already removed the clutch damper and replaced it with a brake line?

      A stock rear inner hose off of a Z31 will work just fine. There is another that will work as well but I don't recall for sure. I want to say a front hose from a 280zx??? Someone please correct me if I am off on that. :wink:

      Did your clutch kit come with the guide bushing for the end of the transmission input shaft? If not they are cheap at the local parts stores.
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        Yes, 280zx front brake hose (any side) works as well.


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          Personally... Don't even bother replacing the clutch master until you have to. Lots of the parts store units won't even last as long as a used stock one.

          I have only ever ONCE seen one go bad on a Z31, and only because someone stripped the damn fitting when installing a new clutch line.


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            mine went out around 115K miles. it doesn't take long to install. so far with my napa one it seems fine. there weren't any old Z's around me anyway to get a used one. half my car is new. :roll: