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Comment driveshaft compatibility question.

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  • Comment driveshaft compatibility question.

    Question first.
    If a drive shaft is too short by 3/8" can a spacer be added between the
    companion flange and the differential?

    A year and a half ago I bought an aluminum drive shaft from
    Later I bought an 88 FS5R30A and an 88 LSD.

    It was after receiving the new trans. and diff. I realized I was going to have
    to replace both ends of the aluminum drive shaft.

    Yesterday, while moving both the the A30 and A90 transmissions, I realized
    the they are not the same length.

    The FS5R30A is 33.5" from front of bell housing to end of output shaft.
    The FS5R90A (84 - 86 Turbo) is 33.875

    It was then that I found GE's drawing in
    "Sticky: Z31 driveshaft and other driveline compatibility information"

    Now I'm stuck. either the spacer works or I sell my highly polished
    84 - 86 T PSTDS aluminum drive shaft and buy a new one that is
    the correct size.

    So much for retrocausality.

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    You can probably get away with the 3/8" difference as long as the shaft is pretty far into the trans. Also, make sure you check out the new flanges to see if they will make any changes to length. According to the 88 fsm the driveshafts themselves are the same length between the na and t 5-speeds. You should be fine with the new input and diff flange.


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      Yeah, since our diffs dont move around too much, a 3/8" difference shouldnt be too bad. Its like, what, 6" that goes into the trans, isnt it?


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        and if you need to shim/spacer it I see no problem as long as you keep it centered, anything spinning that fast wobbling is a problem

        you could also slot the engine/tranny mounts and move everything back?