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GM Synchromesh Trans fluid...thumbs up

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  • GM Synchromesh Trans fluid...thumbs up

    Using this fluid was an old trick I used in my Mustangs to smooth out the gears. I added this to the SS before a road trip this weekend and felt a significant improvement in feel. Noise seemed to lessen as well but it may have been my imagination. $10 a quart from a GM dealer.

    I believe, but not 100% sure, that the Penzoil Synchromesh is the same stuff but can be bought for about $5 a quart from any auto parts store.
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    I use this in my Tib. It's great stuff. Definately a difference in shifting. And it's good for trannies with weak synchros.
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      I don't know if they are from the same mfg or not, but the Penzoil is certainly compatible with the specs. I've heard countless people say to use the syncromesh. It seems to be highly regarded by most tranny shops.

      I have used Redlines stuff and it works quite well. Same results on a T5 and a 30A.


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        I have tried both and the redline is at least as good as GM's branded synchromesh. Really no difference from the driving perspective... I would buy whichever is easier to find or cheaper, which for me is the redline.


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          You should at least make sure that the GM stuff is good for GL-4 applications . . .

          I just put some Royal Purple in my 71C. Shifts much better, quiter gears, and second gear works when cold again.
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            I've found that when cold the GM synchromesh is better then the redline. There is redline in my car now. But will switch soon.
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              bemis wrote: You should at least make sure that the GM stuff is good for GL-4 applications . . .
              True, I've both heard and read that of the GL-5 lubricants will cause premature blocker ring failure if used in our (and many other) manual transmissions.


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                if I remember.... the gl-5 stuff reacts with the bronze