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I think my clutch is screwed?

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  • I think my clutch is screwed?

    Question for the experts (or anyone who has a general idea ). I have an 86t that I did a manual swap in. Not the first swap I've done, so I'm pretty certain I did everything right. The car drives wonderful. Except when I try to shift.

    It makes grinding sounds almost like the synchros are bad. However, I find this to be doubtful, because if I come to a stop and go into first gear, there's no grinds at all .. until about 5-7 seconds later, when it sounds like a grind. The rememdy is to either put it in neutral and let the clutch out, OR, just pop the clutch enough to roll a couple inches. The sound goes away, but comes back.

    My thought is perhaps the clutch assembly is flawed. Or maybe the pressure plate bolts are backing off?

    I guess my question really is... Should I be buying a new clutch, or a new tranny? The clutch is OEM and I want to upgrade to a performance clutch. .. But not if I need to rebuild the tranny/buy a new one.

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    Sounds more like your hydraulics are not working properly.


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      Could a bad clutch damper cause this? I've replaced everythign else, new Clutch Master, new clutch slave, and it's been bled several times.


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        Try replacing it with brake hose (280z front, z31 inner rear I believe) and bypass the damper.
        2008 BMW E92 335i 6MT