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Urgent! Quick Advice needed.

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  • Urgent! Quick Advice needed.

    Hey guys,

    I just spent the entire day tooling around town tearing through every tranny places stock I could find looking for the 3rd main gear for an fs5r30a tranny rebuild I'm working on. No luck.

    My gear overall is in great shape (Very little wear) however one of the splines that match up with the synchronizers is chipped off. Its the part that looks just like the synchro but its part of the gear assembly (Theres like 40 of them around the outer edge). I've been told by 2 tranny shops that this is fine and they'd put it back together just like it is. Many transmissions don't even use a full ring of splines anyway to match up to their synchro's. However the guy whos rebuilding it has told me he would recomend replacing it. My local Nissan mechanic told me they'd probably replace it also. They said it could be fine but he didn't want it not to be ok and something happen to my car after he'd said it would work fine.

    A new 3rd gear from nissan runs about 115-160 bucks and can't be here for another week at the earliest (Part is on back order). Thats freakin 40% of what I payed for the whole dang tranny in the first place! The ZNationals are next weekend and I'm set on driving, I'd be royally pissed if my car was still in pieces and I had to ride down with someone.

    Would you guys A. Put it back in as is or B. order the new part from nissan dishing out a fortune in the process. Or does anyone have any experience with this and know for sure if it will be fine or what?


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    Nissan will always tell you that it needs to be replaced. That is how they make money. If a few other tranny guys said its not that bad then I would say just use it. Worst case it ends up breaking down the road and you have to replace it later anyways. At least you will be able to drive your car next weekend.
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      yeah, I would put it back together. Like you said, some transmissions have a couple teeth missing every 1/4 way around.

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        Those are called the dog teeth if you were searching for the word. Realistically, they only serve to spline to the synchronizer sleeve which is splined to the shaft.

        Anyway, there are a bunch of them splined at any given time, enough that they are WAY stronger than the gears or shafts themselves in most transmissions, right? Right.

        This is my reasoning for thinking that you should run it like it is.


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          ^ thanks for the clarification Jason, I was on the wrong wave length there. I misunderstood what he was talking about.

          Go with it.
          Just stand back and throw money.
          Performance costs money.
          Reliable performance costs more.


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            I agree, the synchros should have enough teeth to bite on for that moment they are transitioning from open to synched


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              Good luck finding that part. I think that is one that nissan no longer can get. I went through all kinds of problems finding parts for two of those trannies. Put it back together and just drive it.
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