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forget q45 vlsd units for your z

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  • forget q45 vlsd units for your z

    yes the early ones had r200 rear end. but, after installing one in black bitch today it seems the holes for the axles are bigger in diam than the z half shafts. they just spin in der. either that or the teeth on the vlsd unit are fubared. i`ll find out tomorrow, had to go home and couldn`t fix tonight.

    on a side note, i love having a shop. 1.5 hours to swap a diff/housing, start to finish. well, not really finished. but back together

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    good thing....

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    Interesting, the shaft is actually bigger?

    I would love to have a shop with a lift... but i can still swap a diff in well under 2 hours! (did it last week)


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      Q45 R200V:

      32 spline
      6 bolt, TT R230 style output
      4 bolt, round input (large)
      ~24" compressed length driver's side
      ~26 3/8" compressed length passenger's side
      24x1.5 thread size
      36 mm nut

      Here's my comparison to the Z32 N/A axles, not sure how much the Z31 rear compares to the N/A Z32, but I do have quite a few pictures on the Q45 axles. Hopefully it'll help out some. ... tures.html


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        old tread I know , but damn i was considering swapping a q45 r200v in my z31 diff , already got the diff for free , so there is no way to find some axle that will fit? I have the side flange of the q45 unit , any suggestion?
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          Take the flange and cv shafts to a really good driveline shop and see if they can fab something up. Otherwise, no there is no way we know of at this point.


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            thx for the input , I will try to figure out something , would be really great to have a vsld with the 3.5l
            1986 GLL VQ35DE(287hp) / Z33 6S tranny, done!
            Black 240sx 1997 (ka24de)5S daily driver.