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FAST assistance needed for Clutch type LSD

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  • FAST assistance needed for Clutch type LSD


    After speaking with Dan from TSS he assured me that my differential on my 87 Turbo is worn. I would like to get it rebuilt but need some assistance in finding a reputable shop in the Waldorf Maryland area and the part number for the Nissan shim rebuild kit in the FAST manual.

    I will also continue to watch ebay for differentials

    My production date is 7/87 and the differential gear ratio is RC35

    The VIN is JN1CZ14S1HX154808

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    just check courtesynissan


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      What is out of spec with the diff? Excessive gear lash can be adjusted without nissan branded shims and should only cost you $50 or so at a driveline shop (be sure to bring them the FSM).

      If you want to replace bearings, find another diff of the same ratio and put your LSD unit into it (remember ring and pinion are matched sets) and have the lash adjusted. Replacement bearings will run you something like $200.

      You can replace the drive and driven discs in the LSD unit with new ones for ~$250 and a 6 week wait, but lots of times this does not need to be done. Based on the information I read on this hybridz thread:

      Note that going from 45 to 75lbs is .1mm difference. It appears all they do to accomplish this is remove two friction plates and add two spring plates. So the clutch surface area is decreased, but the pressure is increased resulting in the additional breakaway.


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        Thanks Jason,

        The first notable problem is the severe whine or turbine sound in any gear. Other symptoms include excessive gear lash most notable by a clunking sound just coasting in first gear. Also, when I go around a corner slowly I can hear a whiiring sound coming from the rear end. It appears that the previous owner's neglect to replace a leaking front seal may have caused this damage.

        SO what have I done so far to isolate the problem.

        1. New stock differential mount (6 months old)
        2. Installed the complete Prothane bushing kit to include the crossmember bushings
        3. Replaced leaking front pinion seal and bolt torqued to 175 ft lbs

        I will check into the excessive gear lash and bearing replacement you recommended


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          No problem.

          Yeah, the noise is almost always worn bearings (usually pinion shaft bearings in my experience) which cause the excessive freeplay. I went through 3 used diffs in a year which were all high miles/junk to begin with and they each exhibited the exact behavior your described before I replaced them.