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Broken stub axle at Branson Z Fest (pic)

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  • Broken stub axle at Branson Z Fest (pic)

    I hate these things most of all because they are not easily replaced. I have broken one of every single part in the Z31 drive-line. This was a wimpy 3500rpm launch with only a little clutch slippage. Boost was building nicely and I was almost half way through first with the clutch engaged when it snapped. This is the reportedly the most common breakage on STA Nissan's in general, so I guess it's a common design "feature".

    For reference: Modern motorsports has made upgraded units, but they were about $1400 last I checked.

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    A lotta rust on that axle. How many miles were on that axle?


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      SS wrote: A lotta rust on that axle. How many miles were on that axle?
      There was no rust on the actual stub axle, and I have no idea how many miles. I inspected them before I installed the new wheel bearings and they were fine. The flange was a little rusty on the outside (splines were fine), but it came off a northern car... and what isn't rusty on a 20 year old car up here?

      I guess I'm just going to bring spares with me all the time now. If a launch on street tires will break them, I don't know what to do about it short of buying the MM parts or swapping to a Z32NA rear which has all the bolt-ons you could ever want.


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        Who was it that did the Z32 rear swap? kevin with the 88SS wasnt it?


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          I don't think that's within Kevin88SS's abilities...

          The only people I know of to have done it are KeninAZ on his white 88 car (now sold) using a Z32 NA rear and Tempastasz on his primered car using a S14 rear with Z32 uprights and other bolt-ons. Tempy has made more modifications (and blown up more VG's) than I can remember. It's a shame he got a bad taste for web forums because of a few people.


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            Post the pics man. Id love to see them and they may be useful for others in the future also.

            Suspension mods are always a topic of interest.
            Just stand back and throw money.
            Performance costs money.
            Reliable performance costs more.


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              Yeah, I want to see those pics!


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                DUDE, I posted them last night :lol: