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Popping axle shaft back in place question

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  • Popping axle shaft back in place question

    Help. I just replaced my differential on my 87 Turbo and installed a remanufactured Axle shaft on the passenger side to fix a torn boot. I am having some trouble in getting the C clip inside the differential to lock on to this axle shaft. Everytime I think it is locked in place it pops out with the slightest tug.

    Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this problem?

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    They can seem finicky like that.
    *The best method I have found is using a section of 2x4 and hitting it with a solid whack from a decent sized hammer.
    As long as it is sitting in the same position in the diff. as the opposing side, let it be.
    Go for a test drive, then stop and peak at it to make sure it stayed in place.
    I am here to help...


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      Just found why rebuilt axle shaft did not pop back in place

      It appears that Parts America shipped me the driver side instead of the passenger side. I discovered this by using the remanufactured unit to do a test on the worn LSD unit sitting on my garage floor. Strangely it fits and pops in perfectly on the driver side but does not pop in securely on the passenger side. As a result I installed it successfully on the driver side. Unfortunately, my car is still broken until this error gets fixed. These cars are amazing because I learn something new everytime I work on them.