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obs makes helical lsd? cheap too?

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  • obs makes helical lsd? cheap too?

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    They have made those for a couple of years. Like all OBX items, I would check around for experiences before assuming they are worth a shit.


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      I wasn't suggesting obx made high quality stuff, but for that price you can blow a few up and still save money over any other new clutch like tomei or cusco..... and that's assuming you do blow it up.... but it will also give you experience with a helical unit and if you're serious you could always go quaife if you like it


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        Yes they make a helical. My friend has one in his Honda. But being that it's OBX, the quality control was poor. It took quite a bit of machining to get the thing to fit right.

        That unit made for 240s wont work on our car because of the axles, correct?
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