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Jason how about that part by part short shifter install?

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  • Jason how about that part by part short shifter install?

    A while back someone asked for pictures of the OBX shifter install part by part. I just got mine and I want to install it. I looked up the order online and everything is clear other then the way the plate nut and spacer works. From the pictures online and from the pictures on your site I cant tell how they work. I'm going to install it tomorrow so I figured I might as well ask now instead of when I have everything apart. That way I can use this thread if I hit some dead end. I read some post where people said the shifter was loose and wobbly after they installed it.

    Here are some links I was looking at. ... Shift2.jpg ... sshift.jpg[/b]

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    It's very simple:

    Aluminum spacer, wave washer, stock shifter cup, shifter rod, plastic spacer, top plate. Except for dremeling out the stock bushing and getting longer screws it installs just that easily.

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      Yeah, what I couldn't understand is how everything stayed in place. I guess ill see tomorrow.


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        The top plate that screws on... it pushes down and holds everything in place.


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          Okay here is the install. Like you said easy shit. The only thing I could have been warned about was the second ring. That fucker flew out and almost took my eye out.


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            it it just me or does that site not work!
            id like to see that picture as well, i will installing my old shifter into my aka indestructible


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              onefast87 wrote: it it just me or does that site not work!
              It's just you..
              works for me.
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                doesn't work for me.
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                  I swear, if people would look at things and try to figure them out for a second they would know the order the parts would need to go in...

                  Tom also has a very good writeup for the NA trans here:

         ... tall.shtml