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Z32 LSD into a Z31 Diff, didn't someone do this?

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  • Z32 LSD into a Z31 Diff, didn't someone do this?

    I seem to remember that someone on (oh look sybase error)
    put a z32 LSD into a Z31 diff housing or something. Last year or so?

    Reason i'm asking, there is a 91 Q45 in the upull yard, not sure if its R200 or R230, research says R200

    I just thought that if the internals from a Q45 LSD are the same as a Z32 LSD, and a Z32 LSD will fit into a Z31 open diff....., follow?
    Understanding that the input shaft flange is different and the q45 uses a flange on the output shafts..

    Anybody have some enlightenment ?

    Just pondering....

    /no smiley

    84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo

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    That was radion300zx in Tampa, FL. He took an LSD diff from a J30 and put it into the z31 case. The only downside is that you have to use SS halfshafts, which are not easily found I have heard.


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      Eureka! Thanks to his write-up:


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        J30 VLSD...may sound stupid, but that is out of the Z32 right?

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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          J30 is Infinity. Read the link I posted above.


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            So it is like a maxima right?

   ... ti_j30.jpg

            I am not as well educated, but learning.

            Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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              Thanks Mike.

              Too bad about the SS halfshafts. Those have got to be rare. I've only ever seen two SS in Oregon.
              Custom halfshafts would probably be hella expensive.


              If its under $40, I might just go pull it and hold onto it, maybe a easier solution will come down te pipe.

              84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo