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  • welded diff

    anyone welded up there diff and used it as a daily driver?

    i've been considering it for a year now. i'm not a big fan of LSD's. i really like either full lockers or spools. since no one makes one, i'm stuck with either lincoln or miller. :lol:

    i welded the rear axle in my toyota truck. i drove it like that for 4 years without any problems. i know the steering will be alittle wider. which isn't a problem with this car. look at the wheel base.

    it would just be nice to smoke both tires.

    i drive in snow. thats what scares me.

    also will the rear end hold up. how strong are the axles. i hate to be snapping them like tooth picks with my weinie NA motor. i may turbo the car later on or build a killer NA. if there is such a thing.


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    I don't think you will like the results of a welded diff on slick roads. You will have better traction in the rear but I think it will adversely effect steering to a large degree.

    I know that in my Tacoma if I lock the rear diff on a slick road in 2wd its like steering a sled. The rear tires want you to keep going straight. Lots of go forward traction but hardly any steering. Put it in 4wd and most of that problem goes away.

    Just a though.
    Just stand back and throw money.
    Performance costs money.
    Reliable performance costs more.


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      i really didn't notice in my 85' yota. but it was 6" higher then stock with really soft springs. so it kind of leaned over around corners. i might do it. if i hate it i can go down to SLC and get the whole rear end of $100 and have an open diff for the winter season.


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        if you have easy access to a cheap spare then it may be worth trying.
        Just stand back and throw money.
        Performance costs money.
        Reliable performance costs more.


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          I wouldn't personally for a daily driver, understeer being the main reason nor would I want to change diffs twice a year LOL


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            I've had a welded diff in my 88 for almost a year. 6 months or so it was the DD.

            there's a thread on Ziptied asking the same question that's about 15 pages long.

            if you're poor and want two wheels spinning then go for it. Be gentle in the rain. On auto-x it makes the car more tail happy. For drift it's a hell of a lot better than screwing around with an open diff.

            with power steering you'll barely notice it other than some tire churping in parkling lots. without power steering it's a bitch in parkling lots but you get used to it.

            take your time, weld it really well and it will outlast your car.

            and about snow driving...I've done it on bald tires with the welded diff. It was scary as shit but for me personally oversteer is more comfortable than understeer. Had I been driving on good tires I don't think it would have been a problem.

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              i know how to weld. i have a certificate in metal fab.

              the last one i welded in my yota still hasn't broke. the shafts will break before my welds will.

              i'll probably stick weld it with 7018. i like to melt the gears together then melt them to the carrier.

              i think i'll do it. should be easy since you just remove the rear cover. clean and burn!!!!


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                I just welded the gears in my mazda truck two weeks ago The first time last week it was welded with 7018 i drove it for two days and a burnout contest left it broke. Who would have though an 88 mazda truck could do a burnout in 5th gear at 7 grand and 150mph it held that but about ten minutes later it broke. I pulled the reardiff and had my dad weld it the day before yesterday he used a low hydrogen rod he is a welder and felt it would hold better. But you have to use a stick welder. And dont get it to hot all at once. Ive been driveing like that for the last couple days and i can say unless you are always driveing straight or sideways I would not want it in my Z.
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                  I would think that if you weld the diff it would put less strain on the axles. cause then you are forcing the rear end to share the load at exactly 50% each. But then again thats just on straight driving.
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