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R200 LSD's and breakaway

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  • R200 LSD's and breakaway

    I'm trying to find out what parts do i need to fix my CLSD to full working and i did found this ->

    Good information..
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    The 4 wheel community will put an additional friction disk per side in and pack it back together. I'm sure that goes WAY beyond the 75lb rating. Most report a semi-locker type operating. Squelling the inside tire, tight steering, etc.


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      I'm convinced anything over 45lbs for street use is super-overkill.


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        this is why kaaz and quaife are sought after

        kaaz has really wide clutch discs so they operate with lower pressures, and the breakaway gets progressively stiffer the harder you push it

        quaife on the other hand moves more torque to the wheel that grips, like torsen this is torque-biasing, the s15 came with a torsen diff


        cusco and tomei also make some very durable clutch type lsds


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          Jason84NA2T wrote: I'm convinced anything over 45lbs for street use is super-overkill.
          You need to drive my car and expierience the Kaaz before you make a remark like that.

          You know, it's more than just being able to pull off impressive drifting, a good lsd gives you more confidence in your car. It makes it more controllable past the limit. Having more faith in your car makes you a faster driver. The first time you take it on the track, you probly won't like it, but as you learn what makes a CLSD happy, you'll become a smoother driver and will have controllable oversteer on demand.

          There's a reason these aftermarket diffs are expensive, because they're that good. Just bite the bullet and get one, I've never seen anybody regret it.

          They really aren't that hard to live with for a daily driver. As long as I keep the fluid changes frequent, and take off in a turn like a civilized person, it's not too abusive.

          Tomei tech trax is generally regarded as the smoothest, followed by Cusco RS, the rest are similar in design and similar in operation.