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So who all have blown the stock rear end?

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  • So who all have blown the stock rear end?

    So last night I helped of a friend of mine swap his rear diff since his stocker died. That's the 3.54 open rear end from an 84AE. What's interesting is he is still on the stock turbo. I thought the R200 was stronger than that?
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    The biggest killer of differentials is shock from rapid engagement... something unsprung hub clutches and poor driving habits will make lots of!

    This is mostly regardless of the amount of torque your engine puts out. It's the instantaneous torque applied that you're concerned with.


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      6 months after I bought my 86T, I was cruising 40mph down the street, rear differencial locked up and I went for a nice spin in the middle of street. It turned out previous owner had the car for 12 years and 140,000 miles, never changed differencial fluid even once.
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        Broke mine at the drag strip. ACT clutch + wheel hop = bye bye spider gears!
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          k, i am changing my Diff oil when i can get under there next. :shock:

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...