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Rear Axle Companion Flange Size?

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  • Rear Axle Companion Flange Size?

    I'm thinking about pulling a set off a junkyard turbo Z and I wanna have the right socket with me, along with a BFH, long break-over-bar, and gear puller.
    [strike:ff0tp92h]1984 300ZXT[/strike:ff0tp92h]
    [strike:ff0tp92h]1986 300ZX 2x2 NA2T[/strike:ff0tp92h]
    2000 Porsche Boxster
    2007 Toyota Yaris

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    thats 30MM on my 87t arms.. its probably the same on all of them


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      Did this a while ago but if I remember correctly the nut on my 88n/a was 30mm and I had to take the control arm off and jerry rig a huge bracket to hold the hub still.

      Couldn't get it to budge with a 4 foot breaker bar. Had to use an impact wrench.

      I ended up drilling 5 holes into the bottom of a wooden bench for the studs to sit in and drilled another hole in the leg of the bench to bolt the control arm to so the damn thing wouldn't move. Felt like the smartest man alive when I finally figured it out.

      I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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        thank god the boss has one of these bad boys.. ... mt=default

        ive only used it once ,changing boots on some 911 halfshafts , its awesome and guess who is going to borrow it if ever needed! 8)