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Engine running really rich....HELP!!!

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  • Engine running really rich....HELP!!!

    So Ill give you guys my stupid person of the week story.

    Yesterday I was leaving my dads house to come home and my car started running hot. I pulled over and it was low on coolant, the hose over the thermostat needed to be reclamped.
    I put more coolant in it (stopped behind a gas station luckily) and got it to the house.
    When I intially tried to start it behind the gas station it kept fouling out really badly...Im assuming from the cylinder head temp sensor getting hot.
    Well, I couldnt get it to start yesterday at all. So I thought I had bad gas or whatever....or I skipped a tooth on the belt so I changed the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, timing belt, tensioner, fuel filter(some of that was needed anyways--its been two years since Ive done it)
    It fired right up.
    I started driving it around the block and there were no problems at all
    Until I got into boost....then it went totally rich and stayed there?!?!?!?!
    I have yet to go check the codes on the ecu, the maf sensor or anything else.....but this is the first time its happened. Could the cylinder head temp sensor have gone bad and when it gets up to temperature makes it run rich?
    Keep in mind I did eliminate my AIV and just use the throttle screw to adjust. My timing is set at 15% at 900 rpm........oh yeah and its still automatic
    Any clues, helpful hints, or flaming would be much appreciated.
    Who are you to tell me my uninformed opinion is wrong?!?!?

    Expert: He who has made all the mistakes there is to make in a given field.

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    Might be the CHTS subharness connector(s) have some corrosion on them? Or maybe the same is true for another sensor.

    Check the codes yet? If CHTS come up, check resistance at the ecu per your FSM.


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      I was thinking the same thing and as soon as I posted this I pulled the ecu and guess what popped up...13 CHTS and 21 FPTS
      So......I have a chts sitting in the garage from 8 months ago and never got around to changing it.......I pulled to old one and to my surprise the connectors were green....oh sweet!
      So I sprayed them with electrical cleaner and scraped them till they were shiny and installed the new chts.......I really hope this was the answer..or the fuel disipated in the combustion chamber but it started right up..WONDERFUL.

      I was flipping out last night...I cant be without my car so I jumped the gun last night and bought a ticket to ATL to get my nx1600 I let a friend what a way to spend a week of japanese hot rod broke and now Ive fixed it and will be autoxing my way back from atl on thursday !!! SWEET!!!! More stress then I needed though. I dont know what I would do with my Z...probably buy a yugo and drop a vg30et in and street it.

      Jason, thank you very much for the response. I knew I would come back and someone would respond with either "CHTS" or "youre an idiot....its so simple CHTS probably"
      Who are you to tell me my uninformed opinion is wrong?!?!?

      Expert: He who has made all the mistakes there is to make in a given field.