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2 cars, different setups, same cold start problems

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  • 2 cars, different setups, same cold start problems

    the cars,
    84 na to turbo, no emissions or idle controls, stock ecu
    84 ae, bone stock.

    both cars have the cold start crap idle, both cars` CHTSs have been checked good and both cars` ECUs have been swapped with ECU`s that are known not to have cold start idle shit.

    more info on the condition, starts up fine and idles ok, but when you step on the gas the engine stumbles and doesn`t want to rev.

    reason i`m asking this here is because the normal step by step process is a little different due to the cars being so different. i can check the air reg on one car but not the other...

    any ideas?

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    You are saying you used 87-89 ECU's and they still had the issue? As far as I knew that was the remedy; my issues went away when I started using 88NA ecu's and code. Hopefully someone else has some input for you.