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Disconnect EGR valve?

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    I haven't actually put any boost through that guy yet. I think I am going to make another one or have some body weld me some material around the inner walls so I can put more bolts into the cover.

    I only really have 6 good strong bolts on there out of the 8 and I kind of doubt it could handle that much boost.

    But with that being said, getting the lid off the plenum with that gasket maker stuff was a pain in the freakin ass! So it might...

    As for those washers. All I did was measured how much of the bolt stuck out of the bottom of the stock plenum. VS mine. Then I cut those butterfly shaped pieces out of aluminum, and used an extra 1/4 washer so they sat down about the same length.


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      Thats interesting, I havent seen anyone do that yet. good job.
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        Dang great job Chronic. I knew I had to do something after removing my gutted plenum for the second time due to leaks. I could not come up with anything as creative. THIS FORUM IS GOOD STUFF!!! FINE PEOPLE ON HERE!!!


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          Thanks guys!

          Yeah this is a really great forum. Probably my favourite 300z forum for sure!

          Another reason I made those butterfly washers was when I was milling the inside of the plenum, gutting it out.

          I cut right through the casting by some of the runners. For some reason, I guess...depending on where some of the manifolds were made, the mould was a bit high underneath the plenum by the runners.

          So, those washers were to also cover up those breaks. I wanted to mill the bottom of the plenum flush with the rest of the manifold. But after I started breaking through a couple spots. I figured I would just keep it as it is.
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