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what causing my little problem?

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  • what causing my little problem?

    ever since it has gotten cold out i've had a problem with the car loading up real bad at light thottle or when it's warming up at idle. once i can get the car under boost for a short burst it clears up until i run at a constant throttle postion for awhile then it needs another cleaning. if i'm on back roads or in town where i'm on and off the throttle reguardless of boost it won't load up. now i have the romulator and no idol controls i don't know if this plays a part in the whole thing or not . i've been leaning toward tps or the chts. i'm just looking for a place to start.

    boost. does a body good!

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    You probably need to just adjust your temperature based enrichment variables.

    scroll down to my reply here to see the curve: ... ld%20start