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Spark plug wire test question...

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  • Spark plug wire test question...

    Hi Guys,

    I was testing my spark wires last night. And I have a question about the resistance. My multimeter has OHMS read settings for 20, 2000, 2k, 20k, 200k and 2000k. I had my multimeter set to measure on "20 K".

    My readings were roughly as follows:

    1- 2.8
    2- 3.0
    3- 5.7
    4- 2.5
    5- 6.5
    6- 3.2

    Now my question is on the "20 K" scale does this mean 25000, 30000 etc? or does it mean 2500, 3000 etc?

    If so this would mean my #3 and #5 cylinders would be way out of spec, at almost double the NISSAN 30,000 spec.

    I just am dumb this morning, and want to be sure that Im thinking straight.

    Can someone confirm my suspicions that I have a couple of bad wires?

    And for the record they are NGK wires about 1.5 years old.

    84' 300ZX Turbo / '86 300ZX NA to Turbo (Retired)

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    if there only a year 1/2 old, i wouldn't worry about them

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      wire resistance is measured in ohms per meter or mm.. it looks to me like the longer wires have more resistance.. i bet if you did the math you would find that the resistances are all within range.. i doubt you have a plug wire problem.. by the way, this is a mechanical question, not an engine management question.


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        A ferrite magnetic layer consisting of a mixture of rubber, plastic and powdered ferrite magnetic materials, offers uniform resistance and unsurpassed conductivity. NGK wires have a lower resistance than conventional carbon core wires (8k ohm/meter vs. 16k ohm/meter). This comparison is important to remember when you consider that many manufacturers recommend wires be replaced when the resistance exceeds 20k ohm/meter. This does not leave much margin for wear when the wire may only meet original standards at the very early stages of its life.
 ... country=US

        They seem to be in spec. To answer your question directly, they are reading kohms.

        Edit: This is a mechanical question? No.
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          Thanks Guys,

          I figured out my readings. There are all between 0 and 7,000 Ohms.

          Yes this topic should have been in the Mech section. This post can be removed or moved if needed.

          84' 300ZX Turbo / '86 300ZX NA to Turbo (Retired)


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            Last time I checked resistance, voltage, current, spark are not mechanical.
            Try not to be a Yahoo