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NA2T Injector question

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  • NA2T Injector question

    Shopping around for injectors and came across these. I called the company up and they also said they could get new Bosch: 280150036 Standard Ignition: fj118 and Borg-Warner: 57512 but made by KEM.. for $60 an injector.. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.. ... enameZWD1V

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    87 E30 DD
    86 E28 Cruiser
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    I have a set of 57512's that were flowed after a few hunred miles of use. They were amazingly close to each other. Like within a couple of cc's per minute.


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      I think my NAPA account price is around $58 each for those, I could check if you are interested. There's really lots of injectors out there you can use, no reason to limit yourself to expensive ones just bacause they are type 5 (hose barb).

      I also bought a used set last year for $200 shipped and after cleaning they were within 3% of each other with perfect spray patterns.