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z31 NA ecu vs. Turbo ecu hardware and code

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  • z31 NA ecu vs. Turbo ecu hardware and code

    Ok here's an interesting one for you guys. I've been running a 88t ecu modded for the z32 afm and 420cc injectors with relative success. I recently tried to do the same with an 88 and 89 na ecu but its just not working.

    The problem is that with the NA base code modded for the maf and injectors the AFRs are lean and all over the place. With the turbo base code it seems to run pretty decent. I've changed all the usual stuff (K, tp scales, rpm scales, vqmap...) in both so there shouldnt be any difference in the way they run. The main reason I want to use the na code is so the idle controls will work correctly. ( i dont care what you think. I want them. period.)

    So anyone tried anything similiar? Any ideas why there is a difference?

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    over the weekend end i removed all the idle control crap and adjusted my idle with the throttle cable . the car now idles better than it ever has (even better than when it was stock) . now my car is an 87 turbo running a 88-89 n/a computer with a set up that similar except i'm useing a cobra maf . the only other differences i can think of off the top my head are o2 sensor and the knock sensor other than that i think the ecu are the same .

    boost. does a body good!


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      Knock sensor doesnt seem to be an issue. O2 sensor I have wired for an NA sensor so that works (I can see it on my wideband). None of those or the idle controls explain why NA bin runs leaner and all over the place with the AFRs.


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        Did you look through all the other variables, like temp enrichment, etc?

        I really can't imagine why the NA binary functions differently, so I'm just as confuzzled as you are. I've only tuned two cars with the NA bin, and they were both NA's with no basis for comparison on a car with the same setup.


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          Every variable and table that I can think of is the same.


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