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MSD 6A and Blaster SS coil installed

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  • MSD 6A and Blaster SS coil installed

    I'm still not convinced these things are worth the money, but mine was free as it came on my 87T :-D

    I did notice a small difference in low end power, and I should be able to tell if it made any difference in fuel economy when I drive to the other side of the state this weekend.

    I built a little mounting plate for it out of 1/4" 6061 aluminum (it's super strong! LOL). Currently only the MSD, boost control solenoid and power transistor are mounted to the plate, but I left room for future additions should I decide to get them (tach adapter and 2-step perhaps?). I cushioned the entire plate by placing some small rubber bushings under it, so shock and vibrations won't be an issue.

    The coil is mounted to a stock coil bracket which I cut and drilled to fit the Blaster SS coil.

    Edit: Another pic.

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    Nice plate. I basically made the same one out of crappy sheet metal.


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      let us know how the mileage is with that installed. Ive always heard the claims but you know how that goes.
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        I really like the plate, looks clean. I was trying to jam my crane into the same spot and ran into too many problems due to the excessive size of the PS91 coil and the Hi-6 has a rev limit with the controls that would be too hard to reach there. I need to re-configure it, because I see it as the next potential cause of efan and radiator failure. I might just wire the screws so it cant vibrate off the crossmember. As for results, I ran a MSD before and found it mostly helped with low speed/hi torque and under boost to help spark not blow out. I found the stocker worked just as well. I am not sure whether I want to keep the hi-6 hooked up, before I just ran the stock with a blaster coil and worked great. The crane was free here too, so you just use it.

        Plate is sweet.
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          I agree -- i installed one on my '78 porsche 924 and found that the increases were minimal and only in the bottom end. It did help a bit with spark consistancy at higher rpm in that motor, but barely. Those engines ran soo bloody rich because of the constant flow reed-valve injectors so i think that's why it helped with misfire. However, bang for the buck for horsepower -- i wouldn't do it again unless i was under a lot of boost.
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            Just curious, Im sticking with the stock unit, but has anyone tried the Jacobs upper end unit? Completely different application but I ran an MSD and tossed it in the closest dumpster after I installed the Jacobs ignition on my old truck. The difference was amazing. I got more out of that engine than it could handle mechanically for a while. It was one scary 4 banger 4x4 until I sold it. Damn I wish I hadn't sold it.

            The Jacobs ignition was much more reliable/predictable than the MSD in that truck. The MSD was completely unreliable and inconsistent for me.

            Like I said just curious and throwing it out there....
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