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Injector harness plug ?

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  • Injector harness plug ?

    hello, I have a 84 turbo z and one of my injector harness plug wires are freyed and broke off, there a alot of n/a z's at this junkyard near by my house, could I use the wiring and harness plug from the N/A Harness and solder onto my turbo harness or do I need a turbo harness plug w/ turbo wiring...thanks in advance..and if anyone has one I am willing to pay right now..

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    mitsubishi, ford, chrysler, jaguar etc.... all use the same style injector plugs as a z31 on certain models

    what do you think the difference is?


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      early 80's toyota's use the same plug on the injectors as well.
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        i have a set of barely used injector plugs for sale. let me know if you want them. $30 shipped anywhere
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