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K value for 420 ccm Injectors and Z32 AFM

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  • K value for 420 ccm Injectors and Z32 AFM

    I finally will install my 420cc Benz injectors today. With the Z32-AFM swap i still want to wait some days until i have the impression that the injectors work well and next step can be done.

    So i had two requests to the those here around who are also using the combination Z32 AFM and Benz-Injectors (stinky, ...).

    1. your recommended K-Value with benz-injectors and stock afm, stock fuel pressure. (around ´260´?)

    2. Your recommended K-value with benz-injectors and Z32 AFM, stock fuel pressure. (maybe your entire tables and values that have been changed?)

    As this is my first time tuning a bigger afm and inj. by myself i hope i had collected enough theoretical knowledge to go for that, but if you could give me kind of a startup recommendation so that at least the engine will start and run clean having a base for fine and finest tuning.


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    k value about 0130 hex to 0150 hex should work.. then check with your wideband to see how close you are. Don't forget to adjust your latency to about 57 and don't forget about ttp min/max.
    8.5 custom arias pistons (.020 over)
    eagle rods
    t70 turbo (man was that a squeeze)
    38 mm external wastegate
    mild port/polish
    3 angle valve job
    custom intercooler piping
    twin external intakes with z32 maf
    rad moved back
    3" exhaust with only a resonator
    420cc injectors
    custom body work, homemade oil lines and fittings..
    walbro 255lph in-line fuel pump.... and lots of headaches... lol


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