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  • msd digital 6

    i have a msd digital 6 that has been sitting in my garage for 4 years now , has anyone used this unit before ? i just could never get it to work right . now that i'm having trouble blowing spark out i would like to get it working again and try the spark duration settings for a longer spark. if anyone has used this particular unit how did it work for you and did you have to do anything special to make it work. also does anyone have any pics of there install ? my old mounting brackets won't work with the current setup and would just a few different ideas for mounting.

    boost. does a body good!

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    blast from the past:

    Adam's engine bay.....

    Nice mounting of everything pretty much

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      WOW THAT IS SEXXXY! I presume that is a standalone system operating that baby?
      8.5 custom arias pistons (.020 over)
      eagle rods
      t70 turbo (man was that a squeeze)
      38 mm external wastegate
      mild port/polish
      3 angle valve job
      custom intercooler piping
      twin external intakes with z32 maf
      rad moved back
      3" exhaust with only a resonator
      420cc injectors
      custom body work, homemade oil lines and fittings..
      walbro 255lph in-line fuel pump.... and lots of headaches... lol