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Build your own capacitive discharge curcuit

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  • Build your own capacitive discharge curcuit

    Ok maybe not, but you looked. I have been studying up on different curcuits that drive ignition coils. I found a simple one made out of a 555 timer IC. Also i found one that is much more complicated called the capacitive discharge generator.

    Ok here is why, i have been thinkng of how to rig up a security system where when turn on, if you open the door handle POW you get popped by 50,000V. Of course at this high of a voltage the current would be low enough where it would not hurt you (just a short painful lesson on property laws). Also i want to put a flame thrower exhaust on the car and need to build an ignition driver. I know sounds fun right? Does anyone know of any other circuits that can be used with this?

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    shooting flames on command or just randomly?

    the easiest if you need it on cue is simply rig up a second coil pack and use a shutter type switch that will click on and off like the blinker but maybe faster to activate it while you hold a button

    ideally you'll be dumping something more fun than just gas in the tailpipe though, naaaaawzzzz


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      Well here are the 2 curcuits that i mentioned. ... oildrv.htm ... /hvcd.html

      They with pulsate DC much faster than any relay curcuit (about 5kHz).
      The only other difference in the output of the two is that one will give about 20,000v more volts than the other, also one is way more simple.
      Oh yeah, at the push of a momentary push button to turn on ignition driver and fuel seloniod.


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        there's another simple one over at
        Tom's Z31 300ZX Page
        NEz31s - The Northeast's Performance Z31 Club


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          Yea, that is the 555 timer curcuit. That is actually the one I have printed out. It is actually inaccurate though, the emitter of the 2222 transistor should go to the base of the 3055, not to ground.
          KILL HADJI