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  • EBC vs. MBC

    Welp I finally got my AVC-R installed. Don't know what 90% of the stuff does but it's flashy and cool. lol

    But seriously...
    I started with an old needle valve I laying around for my first boost controller. It worked. Just not well. boost was slow to respond and spiked a good 1-2 psi. Long story short, Needle valves suck for boost control.

    Tried my buddies ball/spring checkvalve controller after his motor blew up. Responce was much better but it would sometimes spike and it was extremely touchy. like a 1/2 turn was like 3 psi kind of touchy.

    Well NOW I've got an Apex-i AVCR Electronic Boost Controller...
    After a few mins of tinkering with boost and duty cycles.. WOW I just mean WOW. Boost comes on a good 400rpm sooner and it's just a linear feeling vs. the sluggish needle valve or the "hit" from a ball/spring.
    Now if better more accurate control wasn't enough! I can control boost by gear, by RPM, or bump it up for a preset amount of time via an external button (aka. Scrammble boost).

    I've only scratched the surface of what this thing can really do! The only downside to this unit vs others like the Blitz and/or Profec is that everything is in metric. Meaning boost is in kg/cm2 instead of PSI. It was annoying at first but in the short time I've had it installed I'm getting used to it.

    Additionally! I'm running 11psi non-intercooled with the EBC without any audible detonation or signs of hesitation VS. the 9-10psi with my old needle valve POS. The result of accurate boost control?
    Either way just to be safe I'm filling up with 93octane over 91oct when I can.

    Anyone else here have an AVCR? What kinds of fun did you have with the thing or problems in programming if any?

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    I agree, it's no-contest that EBC's greatly outclass any MBC, and it's amazing to me how much money some companies charge for their crappy ball-spring based MBC's considering.

    I bought the profec just for the smaller formfactor and cheaper price, but I have played around with the AVR-R before and really liked the features, just not enough to spend another $130 on it over the price of the profec.

    I did the simple ashtray cutout install, but I have to say I miss my coin tray :-(