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    i meanwhile have found a nice pre-setup with which the car is running not bad. Now comes the ´fine tuning´ and here i need some help.

    The car is still running not as smooth and good as stock, especially while warming up. I have the direct comparison because i have a second 100% stock Z31turbo as a backup-Z.

    Maybe there are some tables/Values i did not tune to my bigger injectors:

    So far i changed:
    - K-Value (DEC:295)
    - Ign scale
    - Fuel Scale
    - Fuel Map
    - Timing Map
    - Min Pulse width

    What did i forget?:
    - inj. Latency? I can´t find where to change it in nistune
    - ?

    Could you please tell me all the other values/tables that have to be readjusted when using bigger inj. even if the effect is not a big one.


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    The cold start/after start enrichment values may also need trimming, though I never needed to adjust them for my car.