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Info about widebands and tuning

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  • Info about widebands and tuning

    cant say this pertains to the z31 ECM exactly as i havent seen the code, but it should and does in most cases. This guy is one of the best out there, so i respect his opinions on pretty much anything.
    87 Turbo: Stock VG33, stock cams, maxima intake, T5, DXD stage 3 clutch, tubular stainless headers, GT3582r, full 3" stainless exhaust, E85 680cc inj. and Nistune
    current time: 13.39@106, 2.05 60' 12psi with old stock 85T motor and street tires!

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    Actually a great deal. While I can't speak for all the aftermarket codes, but, there's only one *given* to coordinate the injector pulse to, and that's the DRP (Distributor Refence Pulse). So as you move the timing, you're also changing when the injector opens.
    not applicable

    So as you advance the timing, you can expect the INDICATED AFR to change. Advancing the timing will indicate a leaner mixute, as well as retarding the timing, will indicate a richer mixture.
    very true, and unrelated to above

    Tuning is about gathering all the data you can, analysing it (correctly), and adjusting things accordingly. A WB is no more or less important then EGTs, and plug reading.
    but egt can also lie, temperature readings are often significantly behind the curve, only steady state dyno tuning would give your sensors a good enough reference point for what's going on