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Z32MAF 420cc Tune and More questions

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  • Z32MAF 420cc Tune and More questions

    Looking for a Bin file of this setup so i have something to start with thats very close. I would also like to compare the stock bin versus this to try and understand it a little better.

    Also I dont know what the hell is going on but most of the .bin files i upload into livedit wont work or only the timing maps wont show up. I just hope in a few months i wont be having problems when it comes to running livedit and loading bin files into the ecu when it comes time to tune.

    And since i did the hardware changes to the board on Jasons site i cant run stock tuning correct? Was thinking about loading a stock 88T file into it just to get it running first.

    Lastly, say you have a tune you like and want to burn it to a chip and install it into the stock ecu socket and remove the romulator, how is that done? By hooking up an actual chip burner to the computer and burning the file onto it?

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    Theres two main things you need to worry about when loading bins into live edit. First you have to make sure the file size you are using is appropriate for the address file you are using. The stock bin is 16k in size but some people use a 32k file where the last 16k contains the actual bin. The size of the bin file will determine which addresses are used. Second, you need to make sure that the address file you are using is correctly setup for your bin. If you are having problems with a particular table not showing up you should check the address file to make sure the address location for that table is correct.

    The hardware change on Jason's site is only for the afm voltage. It really has no bearing on which bin/tune you use but it does affect which afm you can use.

    As far as burning a chip you will need a burner. Think of it as a cd burner but it burns chips instead of cds. Once the chip has been written with a copy of the bin file you can put it in place of the romulator.