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throttle position switch

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  • throttle position switch

    i have been looking though the factory service manual on how to adjust the throttle switch.

    in the manual all i can find is set the switch until there is continuity.

    i got my trust multimeter out. switched it to 200 ohms range. the highest value i could get out of the switch is 2 ohms. is this normal. what is everyone else setting theres to?

    just on a side note, i have removed all the smog crap and the idle contols. they were driving me nuts. everything is blocked off with a plate. i set my idle with that little screw and nut on the butterfly valve. i have my idle set around 900 rpm. that way it'll start when its below zero.

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    yeah, when i did mine like the manual said, it really didn't work.

    (found the 0 continuity and that meant zero throttle right?)

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      MrwassmanNA2T wrote: (found the 0 continuity and that meant zero throttle right?)
      Exactly. Set it to when the throatal is closed ,the circuit is closed.
      Throatal opens= circuit opens.
      imagination is a virtue


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        thats why my idle seemed screwy. it wouldn't hold it at any idle. looks like i'll be readjusting that