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  • Standalone fuel mileage

    I have SDS as most of you know. I was just wondering what kind of fuel mileage people with standalones get, including romulators. When driving daily and hitting boost like 4-5 times each time i go somewhere i will only get like 13MPG. I am running 14lbs low boost and 19lbs high boost with 10.5:1 air fuels so its understandable. I have a hard time layin off the gas, but my last tank i barely hit boost at all, only like 4 times in 150 miles. I got about 22MPG around town, i couldnt believe it and its still untuned bad. Only reason is i finally put in closed loop with my new chip from SDS and fuel cut on decel. I think with perfect tuning this motor could get over 25MPG in town and over 30MPG on the freeway. Remember i was driving like a grandma when i got 22MPG. Im tryin to justify ditchin the SDS and going romulator if i can get better gas mileage and have good start ups. My car runs like POOP until its fully warmed up, PERIOD, no matter how rich or lean it is, it runs like ass cold. Those with romulators, Jason, since you leave alone the start up values, does it run perfect all the time?

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    Like you said, that should pretty much improve once thats tuned and you get rid of that 10:5:1 A/F.


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      There's no reason you should not be able to manage better than stock fuel economy. My car got an average of 29.4MPG on the way down to branson. 7.8:1 compression and big cams... 14.2-14.5 AFR and 45 degrees of timing. Around town I get about 22-23 if I don't ever get into boost, if I do hot-rod it (which I do, almost always) it'll be between 15-18. Cold starts and warmup are just like stock. It always starts within 2 seconds (even in 10 degree weather).

      Your car should do even better with 9:1 compression.