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    if you have the ability. Sorry SDS users.

    This is a 7.8:1 comp. VG30ET engine with ported heads, polished combustion chambers, ferrea valves, schneider cams and other stuff... so obviously that should be taken into consideration.

    Load columns need explained.. by column testing 37 is about 0vac-1psi across most of the rev range, 64 is about 10PSI, and the edge is about 19PSI. This engine loves timing, and this is a "rough" tune using my maf bypass, so the AFR's are right around 11.0:1 under boost from ~10PSI and up. That should explain the large amount of timing under boost as well, it's actually a full 7 degrees off where I was able to hear audible detonation. The bad news is air bypasses like this are a raging b!tch to tune for. The good news is it can now run to 7K at 18PSI without running a tad lean.

    The 'bumpy' spots are quite intentional.

    I look forward to seeing some of you guy's timing maps, or even a rough description of how yours compares to mine and others (for the disadvantaged :-P users of systems with a control box like SDS)!

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    Holy crap thats ALOT of timing while cruising and also under boost!!!

    Are those numbers on the low RPM area stock? or did you do that on purpose? I just dont understand the retarding and advancing back and forth between MAF values and RPM's, its not linear at all, not like it has to be but it just looks very awkward.

    The way SDS works is you enter in base RPM timing values and then tell it to advance or retard timing based on MAP.

    My timing is 20 degrees at idle and as the RPM goes up i hit a maximum Timing of 36 degrees by around 2500RPM, this timing is held all the way to redline at 6500RPM. On my low boost which is about 13lbs i pull out 19-20 degrees of timing, so i run a total of 16-17 degrees of timing. On my high boost of 18 lbs i pull out 22-23 degrees of timing so i am running 13-14 degrees total timing.

    I pull ALOT of timing out when i start spooling. I have to pull out like 7-8 degrees by like 3-4lbs and then it pulls out more or less about 1 degree per pound of boost. I was detonating on initial spool, but was also running lean when building boost from a lower RPM due to incorrect RPM based fuel values. I have fixed those so i will have to put in a little more timing. Under boost my LM1 reads as low as 10.5:1 and as lean as 11:1. I still havent datalogged yet to see if its being completely accurate.

    Remember im running a bone stock 9:1 N/A longblock, it has a bit of blowby on the passenger bank but for the most part is in decent condition. Im hopin i can run more like 20 degrees on 13lbs and 16 degrees on 18lbs.

    When i dynoed on my old motor with my crappy 60-1 P trim i wouldnt pull any timing till like 5 lbs of boost and was running 18-20 degrees of timing on 18lbs of boost and was slightly lean like 13.5:1 until the higher RPM's. I guess i was able to do that because it was the TT Piston/Rod motor with like 7.5:1 compression and had shitty compression - like 100psi in every cylinder. I cant get away with that on this new 9:1 motor with good compression...


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      jason, what software did that map come from?


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        Chris86NA2T wrote: jason, what software did that map come from?


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          ok heres my timing map note I'm running this on an L28ET see my sig for mods.

          Guys give me some feed back please I'm at 15psi with this map and I can't hear detonation with my "ear muffs" I'm planning on turning up the boost today but would like to know what everyone thinks of my map.

          Blue & Silver 81 zxt, 88 ECCS
          Z32 mas,450cc injectors
          ported exhaust manifold, cable throttle linkage
          t3/t4e 12psi , 3inch exhaust, K&N,
          ACT clutch, 240sx t/b, 1G DSM BOV
          Custom Intake FINISHED
          Ported and Polished N42
          Tan 88-89 conquest seats
          Sperco IC 18.5x6x3.5
          2.5 IC pipes
          Suspension work!!
          Zeitronix Wideband
          240sx transmission
          95 Maxima Alternator


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            Here's mine



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              do any of you guys have any experience with how the engine runs when timing's not right? Like, the areas you guys have up in the high 40s, how would it run if it was at 30 or even 20?

              Also, if you put the clutch in and took your foot off the gas, and the rpms hung and tended not to drop, would that be more an indication of a timing problem or an AFR problem, and in which direction?

              I'm fighting some goofy issues, it's getting better but I'm not 100% happy with where it is now.
              88ss, MegaSquirted.
              t3/t4 60-1 cold, stage 3 hot, FMIC
              450cc DSM injectors, walbro 255
     Boost gauge and MS info


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                Sounds more like your TPS isnt adjusted/connected or your idle controls aren't right.


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                  this is on a megasquirt, not stock ECU, and I have TPSdot taken out of the equation entirely.
                  88ss, MegaSquirted.
                  t3/t4 60-1 cold, stage 3 hot, FMIC
                  450cc DSM injectors, walbro 255
         Boost gauge and MS info