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questions about ecus/idle/o2 sensor

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  • questions about ecus/idle/o2 sensor

    ok so I posted a while back that I have 87T injectors in an 87NA auto and matching o2 sensor..... running an 87T auto ecu with the o2 unplugged

    anyway my idle was high, as in 950-1050, I didn't have the power steering hooked up at the time, needed to find proper sized t-bolt for the replaced hoses

    just today I installed/filled the power steering, did the lock to lock bleeding, nice and soft, idle however remains unchanged in that it is normally ~1k but I have a new symptom where it periodically goes up to about 1500 for 10sec and comes back down for a while, repeat ad nauseum

    I also have an 87T manual ecu I could test? .... reminder the only code I had was 13

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    I believe the wiring for the idle control device is different between NA and turbo wiring harnesses. I'm not sure if this could be related to your problem, but try unplugging it (FICD on NA cars) to see.


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      well I kinda assumed that was part of it, but why would it fluctuate evenly 500rpm and hold there


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        Because it's 500rpm worth of air through the valve?
        It is not recommended to confirm proper installation by driving into walls or other barriers as this could cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle.


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          btw I tried an 87T manual ecu..... same thing, idles around ~1k

          I didn't bother running it long enough to see if it alternates the 1500/1000rpm thing the other ecu does


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            Did you disconnect the FICD?


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              not yet, it refused to start again hah

              cranking for like 2-3 min so my battery was down to like 9v, I'll see about borrowing a battery and try again
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                Those jump start packs are like $30 at wally world now. Very handy.