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The Infinity M30 ECCS Onboard a Z31 Thread

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  • The Infinity M30 ECCS Onboard a Z31 Thread

    Just finished installing an Infinity M30 ECCS into my 1986 300ZX 2x2. I did this because I needed a programmable ECCS and I wanted to be some what original.

    All the connections are soldered and heat shrinked.

    The injector wiring harness was returned to pre-recall, meaning that the injectors are not hooked up to the same control line.

    First test was unsuccessful. The car ran, but very rich and horrible timing. Come to find out that the software on the ECCS matched to nothing of the known good software I have of the M30 ECCS. This is a Nissan Reman. Unit, sooooooo I don't know what happened.

    After replacing the software with a known good, the car runs much better, but it is still running rich. At idle it blows black smoke and when i depress the throttle it blows a big puff of black smoke.

    I'm gonna go over the sensors once again, maybe the AFM or CHTS is hooked up right. Or maybe the M30 software isnt 100% compatable with the Z31. More troubleshooting will tell.

    Anybody know what the impedance of the M30 injectors is?
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    Very interesting idea. I hope you get it working. That would be a lot of work and effort waisted if not.

    Just a thought to go along with the AFM and CHTS- is a stock Z31 O2 sensor supposed to work with this ECU, or did you have to swap in a different one?
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      the M30 uses the Zirconium 02 sensor, i think.

      my 86 is equiped with the Titania type. I have it disconnected right now. A disconnected 02 sensor would not cause these fuel enrichment problems.

      the Z is going under the knife for a turbo installation. the 02 housing is set up for the Zirconium types, so I should be good to go in the 02 sensor section once the installation is complete.

      Also, I have noticed a much different sound coming from the injectors with the M30 ECCS, since they are all firing individually now.


      I drove the Z around the block. Under load, it feels like the ECCS is getting the wrong AFM signal, or that the AFM scales in the Infintiy M30 ECCS do not match up with the Z31 AFM. I'm sure that they both used the same AFM.

      I need to find a downloadable Infinity M30 FSM so that the troubleshooting can be done a little easier.

      Also, I understand that the M30 ECCS software looks like that of the Z32, but I'm finding that the address for the fuel maps are different. Maybe, I just need to step away from the project for the rest of the day and come back it it tomorrow with a fresh mind.
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        why not try an M30 MAF to at least rule that out?

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          I thought my car was rich, but it doesn' blow black smoke at idle. :lol:

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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            is your afm in backwards?

            i've done that before. dope. ops:


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              no, havent touched the AFM.

              I have unplugged it, just to see if the AFM signal is getting to the ECCS, and it is. The car wont rev past 2K with it unplugged. So, it must be a signal compatibility problem.

              I'm kinda thinking that I need a 88-89 AFM, which doesnt have the variable resistor mode, since the M30 AFM doesn't either.
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                  Bernardd wrote: the vq scales are not the same in the binfiles. i doubt very much you can use the z31 maf with that ecu without dropping the voltage down to 1ish or just above 1 with a potentiometer. i cannot say this for certain without checking the fsm to see what the voltage range the ecu expects to see. didn't someone already install the m30 ecu onto a z31?
                  Thats cool, I have a couple Z32 and Q45 AFMs I can use, with their VQ scales.

                  In the end, I won't be using the Z31 AFM for this application. I just wanted to get the ECCS up and running properly and make sure all the connections are correct before I start making other modifications to the engine. Makes troubleshooting easier in the end.

                  I guess it's safe to say that the ECCS is running good enough to start the other modifications.
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                    I have started this application as well

                    I just got interested in this change. I am running a Z31 ECU on my 83 turbo car. I was having problems getting the ECU to work correctly with the MSD injectors I am running. I am also running a FORD Lightening MAF on the car as well.
                    So I started looking at the M30 box because it was the LAST box built that still ran our distributor trigger. The BIG thing is that the injectors are not batchfire any longer, so tht is a very good option.
                    They do sell a USB interface to the consultant port and have software to make adjustments to the BIN file. I even designed an interface board to work with the stock wire harness connectors and convert it to the M30 connector. I can get two boards made for about 300.00 the first time.
                    I have found two places for the wiring schematic on the net. Both are not that good of quality. I would like to get a better copy that I can read clearly.
                    I down loaded the BIN file from the ECU and I also had problems reading the tables correctly. I used Zworks, and ROM Edit to look at the bin file. I used the Z32 address file to acces the bin but it looked wrong. So that is how far I have gotten on this setup.
                    You will need a three wire O2 Sensor.
                    I am glad you got the car going. A little trouble shooting and you will get it right. You know a few things now, the MAF appears to be working (just not right) Oh BTY the Z31 MAF was designed to give you 2.2 VDC @ idle. the Z32 MAF works from 0-5.12 VDC that may be a better option for you. Also, you will notice on the board there a few resistors that are removable. One of those resistors will affect the MAF voltage (to the ECU) and affect the VQ table. So if you have a way to look at the VQ table, that will tell you very quickly where the active cell is @ idle. If you are scaled way up on the table, then you need to remove some of the idle voltage to get the vq table to scale correctly.
                    I would recommend data logging the engine to see just where the AFR's are and get the AFR curve to make sure you don't have lean or rich spots in the response of the MAF.
                    I don't know how far you are into this stuff, but that is how I would do it. I was even thinking of having the ECU backwards engineered and getting a full schematic of the box. We will see though.
                    The injectors appear to connected correctly. The distributor is connected correctly. Check the cylinder head temp sensor. AND, the O@ will make the car run rich if it is not connected. The car should run fine without it, but Nissan did not do that good of job of tuning the ECU from the factory, they always make them a little rich, and let the O2 get the correct AFR's.
                    I think you need to look at the latency, and the K values and make changes there. Then there is the crank advance, temp enrich, idle timing, first time enrich (this will make the car start hard if it is rich, flood the engine if to rich, and hard if it is lean. The engine should fire right up and be crisp, not like it just started running faster and then start, look for a nice pop when it starts, like it kicks over.
                    Anyway, have fun with it. I can give you help if you need it. I don't know exactly what, but I am very good at electronics and wiring as well.


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                      After comparing the two ECCSs (M30 and 1986 Z31), they appear to use the same dropping resistors in the voltage drop circuit for the AFM signal.

                      But, from comparing the VQ maps of the two, they are slightly different.

                      Knowing that the voltage dropping circuit is the same, I will now try to use the VQ map from the 1986 Z31 on the M30 ECCS.
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                          Get the consult connection wired up to the ecu plug so we can connect it to my laptop. We should be able to monitor the afm voltages there and it will be easy to figure out the exact voltage drop. You should also consider buying a nistune board.


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                            This is the work that I had done in an excel spreadsheet to cross the m30 ecu into the z31 harness. I'm pretty sure that it was complete, if not very close. I grabbed the FSM data for the m30 off of AllData, and compared w/ the 88t FSM.

                            Oh, if memory serves, the AFM in the donor car had a similar looking AFM. AND it uses a normal Zirc o2 sensor. I called NGK on that one.

                            Some things had the voltages out of range one way or another.. I marked those where I knew that there was a difference.

                            88Z M30
                            1 Check Connector/Cali Chk Engine Light
                            2 4 AAC
                            3 2 IGN Check
                            4 102 EGR Solenoid
                            5 1 IGN Signal
                            6 16 Power ECCS
                            7 7 Goes to meter unit.. Probably TACH
                            8 42+52 CAS Positive
                            9 43 Start Signal
                            10 44 Neutral Switch (AT)
                            11 59? EFI Safety Relay +12/Injector +
                            12 nc AFM Burnoff (FILM AFMS NOW)
                            13 Goes to "Check Connector"
                            14 nc AIV
                            15 36 Fuel Temp Sense V++++
                            16 19 Air Regulator, watch 2nd V+++
                            17 41+51 CAS Reference Signal
                            18 54 Throttle Valve Switch
                            19 nc FPR Solenoid
                            20 18 Fuel Pump Relay
                            21 23 Detonation sensor
                            22 nc Load Signal (AT) Crap
                            23 28 CHTS
                            24 29 O2 signal Change sensor! Range 0-1.5
                            25 57 IDLE SWITCH +Side
                            26 26 AFM GROUND
                            27 16 ECU POWER
                            28 49,59,60 Bunch of GND's, mostly shielding.. Important tho
                            29 53 Vehicle Speed Sensor
                            30 39 EGT Sensor (Cali only z31.. May need add)
                            31 27 AFM SIGNAL
                            32 Goes to "Check Connector"
                            33 38??30? Throttle Sensor/AT lockup unit (Probably common GND)
                            34 45 IGN Switch Signal
                            35 16 ECU POWER
                            36 50 Bunch of GND's, mostly shielding.. Important tho
                            101 101 inj01
                            102 110 inj02
                            103 103 inj03
                            104 112 inj04
                            105 105 inj05
                            106 114 inj06
                            107 116 GND
                            108 104 Fuel Pump Voltage Control
                            109 20 GND
                            112 10 GND
                            113 107 GND
                            114 58 LIST Injector, but it has to be hot or gnd, gotta be HOT
                            110 36 Throttle sensor (Cali on z31)
                            115 102 O2 heater

                            M30 Injectors are 10-14ohms per FSM
                            BUT AllData lists a 'fuel injector dropping resistor'…
                            vg33et -blew some chunks outta it, then gave it all away.
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                              Then I think it was you that posted this cross reference on a while ago. I downloaded it then and forgot about it until now.

                              As far as I can tell, all of it matches up right. I did leave alot of the wiring unconnected, such as all the idle and emissions stuff, since I won't be using it.

                              For the Throttle Vavle Sensor, is it used just as in the Z31, for the operation of the automatic transmission only? Or does it play a role in the timing and fuel maps?
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