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  • Semi-Smart Newbie (I won't be a nuisance, I promise)

    Ok, I searched honest. I'm from hyridz and we get majorly flamed for not searching so I just spent the last hour searching... to no avail. So here's my query.

    How many people here actually modify the VG30E into serious HP ranges. I mean NO TURBO, complete NA build ups.

    I'm the type of person that will do weeks worth of research on motors that will probly never see the light of day in my car. I just love knowing as much as I can about options I have.

    In a year or so I want to start a S30 buildup and build my ultamite jap hotrod. It'll be half track half show car. This won't be a competition car, but 100% recreation. As most here probly know the S30 engine bay is narrow, though some impossible swaps have been done (there's recent pics on HZ of a DOHC ford mod motor swap).

    I like the idea of a low/far back motor. I don't mind heavier motors if they're compact enough. I like to research what kinda power can be made reliably and I don't enjoy being forced to work on my cars (though I do enjoy working on them). I love broad power bands, wich usually means "displacement required".

    One of the motors I've had my eye on recently is the 5VZ from toyota. I'd probly go supercharged, but overall I like the idea of a supercharged car to begin with. A turbo setup seems wasted to me unless you're pushing a goodn' high PSI, otherwise why add the weight? It's not the spool I mind, but the added complexity along with the weight. I'm currently putting a L28ET into my 280ZX so it's not that I can't, just prefference. I'd just much rather K.I.S.

    So in my searching here I only found dyno figures of turbo'd cars and really that's 100% of what I see on here. I find that you people are what makes the Z31 awsome, the proof that it's a worthy car with a much higher potential than it's given credit. I don't want to sound like some anti-turbo guy, becuase I'm not, I'm just doing extensive research into the NA options out there.

    If someone knows of another widely avaible V6 with good potential speak up. 60 degrees would be prefferable as it would have even firing (with shared crank bearings for strength) plus it would fit into the Z engine bay better (though sacrificing fitment for weight height). I've done research into the VR6 motors but those don't really appeal to me anymore. Also light weight would be nice, but as mentioned... it's a V6, so odds are it's compact weight that won't effect handling as much.

    Thank you in advance, I'm loving this site already.

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    Try that on for size. :shock:

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      I like the GM 3800. Nice torquey motor.

      I've also heard of the GM 4.3L being dropped in before.

      I assume you've been to ?
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        A NA vg30e is good for about 300hp if you build it right.

        I remember seeing one with
        -pathy intake
        -cam gears
        -ECU tune

        It made 190whp w/ no headwork & stock compression

        You could still use a small turbo for fast spool w/ low psi. but if you are dead set on supercharging then i would suggest going with a centrifugal unit. As the vg33er charger is supposedly very inefficient and is very tall.

        You will find that people here are more in love with the sohc vg than they are with the z31. Engine swaps are a touchy subject around any experienced z31 owner.
        I remember seeing a guy on here that was doing a vg swap into an early z. It looked like it had enough room to permanetely install a chair in there for easy work.
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          go 3.8L Supercharged from a 1989-1995 thunderbird supercoupe. Its a 3.8 liter supercharged and its already set up for RWD. Guys are getting 4200lb+ cars into the 11s with this engine.
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            Thanks for the many timely responces thus far. You've all helped out quite a bit already.

            The Hekimian Racing motor sure looks nice, and about what I'm looking for. A bit price, but that's to be expected from something well built.

            I'm not again't GM motors, just against them in my car :dodges wrench being thrown:. In all honesty, I've never met a GM guy (in person) that I liked. I just hate the crowd, and thier crowd around here has a rep, and I'd hate having to explain why it was the best choice to absolutely everyone I meet. If I could get around the name, I'd have a LS1 in my 280ZX. But what am I gonna say? "Well ford doesn't make a decent pushrod motor nowdays" Bah, better to stay away from the whole american ball of wax alltogether. I have nothing against any of them, honest.

            And yes I've heard of hybridz, I even mentioned them in my post didn't I? I've been a daily visitor there for over 2 years. They've taught me alot to say the least.

            I hadn't thought about the thunderbird motor, thanks for the input gotfast. It's really peaked my interest.

            Oh, and if I had that 10k to spend on the hekimian racing motor I'd build up a windsor motor with the 302 crank for a short stroke, large bore SBF with 9.5:1 CR with mild boost to push numbers in the 450hp range. That's about my dream motor, but #1 It's been done #2 It's still a larger motor #3 It's been done. Though I love the aftermarket support of most american motors, but I see this as a small benefit since I'm not looking for huge ginormous HP numbers. I'll probly push any motor I choose to the edge of it's comfot zone, but I'm not gonna choose a motor that is crying for mercy at 250hp.

            Oh, and I've also considered a hyabusa swap but the though of a tranny and possible stress issues (due to the weight of the car) put me off about it. They're alos quite pricey in the long run.


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              ok, get off the name ;D I've had the tag for about five years ;D

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                Ford went away from pushrods, doesn't exist in there line up now.

                Why not go VQ power? There is some good NA and Supercharging capability with that engine.

                Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                  So sorry about the handle stealing grahfz. If i'd known that someone else here was known as such I'd have taken one of my many other handles like Poseidon, Architeuthis, or Smeagol.

                  I've been known as Gollum since I first logged onto the internet in 97'. So that's been about 8 years now :P Well if we ever meet I'll give ya the honors of the name

                  And yes, I know ford isn't making pushrod motors, hence the joke.

                  the VQ is an option no doubt, though I really want to get my hands on one to get dimensions. I've known people that have had problems on these motors in the 350Z, but on the same merrit I've seen some put out insane HP. One person I know had a motor complete blow on him while cruising down the freeway (it was supercharged mildly, and he's not a real car guy and had a shop do all the work, I assume the issue was a bad tune that probly went too lean on a hot day).


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                    shoot, if they can fit in a FWD car, i am sure they will fit in yours

                    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                      What about the VH45? Just as overengineered as the VG30DE. Capable of 600+ RWHP on 100% stock engine. 300 HP stock and responds very well to modifcations.

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                        Yea I dig the VH too, though the pics I've seen of them in S30 bays looks tight. It's not all that different from the 1UZ and that swap has been done too.

                        I think the main thing that turns me off from a V8 swap is knowning I could be satisfied with the power of a V6 and have less weight to begin with (if I could find a good aluminium V6, since comparing an iron V6 to the VH or 1UZ they'd probly be near the same weight).


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                          ah, the vh45. i was gonna mention that motor. maybe something you don`t realise gollum is 210 ft/lbs @ 1200 rpm is pretty nice in an s13, in a s30 no sc or tc would be needed, just press pedal and go.

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                            i am contemplating a vh45 swap. i was in salt lake city. i saw a few in some junkers and though thats what i want.

                            the only major problem is there is no manual tranny that wil bolt up to the engine. which might be alright. i'm seriously considering it in the future. i just like the idea of a japanese V8 in a Z31. total sleeper. i'd even keep my car looking ugly and race a few hondas and vettes to piss them off. :shock:


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                              autoworkZ wrote: ah, the vh45. i was gonna mention that motor. maybe something you don`t realise gollum is 210 ft/lbs @ 1200 rpm is pretty nice in an s13, in a s30 no sc or tc would be needed, just press pedal and go.
                              more like breath on the pedal! :shock:

                              that motor has beef!